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The Restoration of Villa le Maschere

A painstaking restoration lasting 5 years, executed in accordance with the Soprintendenza per i Beni architettonici di Firenze (Superintendent of Architectural Property of Florence), has brought Villa le Maschere back to new life. This restoration has helped recover the decorative work of Tito Chini, the many stuccoes throughout the complex, the venetian style floors, and the beautiful frescoes by the school of painter Francesco Furini, for many years hidden under layers of plaster.
These art treasures now occupy some of the resort’s bedrooms: two impressive statues of young girls carved by Giovanni Battista Foggini at the end of the seventeenth century decorate suite 915 (which is dedicated to the artist); the decorative floral reliefs by Tito Chini embellish room 115; delicate eighteenth-century frescoes ‘illuminate’ suite 901 where Pope Pius IX once slept.

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